Network &Local Logic Controller IB-E03B

EtherNet/IP-based high-speed communication.

EtherNet/IP is the same EtherNet used in your front office combined with a common protocol that provides robust, real-time networking for motion, drive, safety, process, and high-speed discrete control.

It’s an implementation of the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP). Custom programmable ladder logic is available for fine-tuning your specific application.

With direct connectivity over EtherNet, a simple, seamless, and high-speed network communication system can be built from sensor signals through information data.

Key features:

  • Device Level Ring (DLR) through Supervisor
  • Simplified wiring
  • Enables autonomous distributed control through local logic setting, allowing the control to make local decisions without waiting for high-layer command.
  • Various monitor functions ( MDR failure diagnosis)

Network Controller IB-C02B

Highly versatile CC-Link-based controller.

CC-Link is an open industrial network that handles control and information in the same line. This allows the IB-C02B controller to communicate with numerous devices connected through CC-Link.

Key features:

  • Simplified wiring through direct connection to CC-Link-based devices
  • IB-C02B has two photo sensor wiring ports
  • Low profile to fit into conveyor frame
  • Frame in controller structure helps reduce wiring time
  • Parameter configuration through CC-Link-based application
  • Predictive MDR failure

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