1/ About Baummuller

Based in Nuremberg, Baumüller is a leading manufacturer of electric automation and drive systems. Our employees are planning, developing, fabricating and installing intelligent system solutions for mechanical engineering at more than 40 locations worldwide – from the user interface and motion control software as per PLCopen, software modules and controls all the way to converters, electric motors and the entire service program for automation solutions.

Baumüller’s full range of services also includes the areas of service, installation, assembly and relocation. Baumüller is one of the leading automation partners in mechanical engineering worldwide.

Baumüller produces at its headquarters in Nuremberg as well as in Bad Gandersheim, Kitzingen, Slovenske Konjice (Slovenia), Brno (Czech Republic) and Wujiang (China).

ANS Vietnam is proud to be the official distributor of Baumüller in the Vietnamese market to help our customers comprehensively optimize systems and adjust them perfectly according to your application to reduce the total cost of ownership through increased efficiency and productivity.

Baumüller Group has many division as below:





Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH

- Specialize in drive and automation technology.


Baumüller Anlagen-Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

- Specialize in hardware and software solutions for automation as well as complete applications.


Baumüller DirectMotion GmbH

Specialize for small motors, linear technology and disc motors, servo motors, external rotor motors and ultra-flat disc motors.


Baumüller Reparaturwerk GmbH & Co. KG

- Specialize in technical service for electrical drive and automation technology – from replacement parts to on-site service, condition monitoring and repairs


Nürmont Installations GmbH & Co. KG

- Specialize in installation of machines and systems.







Drive Electronics

- Servo drives

- Energy sector

- Apply for many industry-specific requirements concerning full automation

- Frequency converter


- DC drives




- Control Platforms


- Industrial Communication


- Visualization and Operation


- I/O Systems and Couplers



Decentralised Drive

- b maXX 2500


- DSDI - high dynamic


- DSMI - high torque



EMS Service

- Project management (Technology consulting, Layout refinement, Material procurement)

- Production (Prototype placement, Small and medium series, Power and control technology)

-Unit assembly 

- Packaging and logistics

- After-Sales-Service



Mobile Drives

- b maXX mobil -Drive system for mobile applications

- used in battery-powered vehicles such as electric boats and forklift trucks as well as in many battery-powered industrial applications

- DST2 ship motors


- DSE - Embedded AC synchronous motor - động cơ đồng bộ AC


- DSA-200






AC Servo motors (included Dynamic, compact, High-speed, High precision servo motors).

- Động cơ truyền động AC (bao gồm Động cơ servo tốc độ cao, nhỏ gọn, có độ chính xác cao).

-  For highly dynamic applications requiring excellent acceleration ability and start-stop qualities, such as in packaging, textile and plastics machinery, material handling equipment, special machinery and small robots.

Main drives DS2 - DA - GN - PM4 (included AC synchronous motors, AC asynchronous motors, DC motors )


- All application such as in printing, packaging, textile and plastics machinery, material handling machinery, special machinery and general machine construction.

High-torque motors DST2

Plastics machinery, Rotary tables or swivel axes, Printing machines,Press systems, Coiling systems, Wire-drawing machines, Stretching units, Machine tools, Wood processing machines, Pelletizers, Ship propulsion systems.

Disc motors DSM - GDM


LSC — Iron-less linear motors


Planetary gears BPx


Geared motors



Sheet Metal Solution

- planning – construction – sheet metal production – series production – assembly – installation





- Safer applications


Sofware tools

- ProMaster Engineering Framework One framework for all automation tasks


- SizemaXX drive configurator

Drive configuration made easy


ProDrive operation software

In just three steps, you will have the software installed on your PC!



Easily and intuitively set the parameters for drive safety


BAUDIS IoT – The Predictive Maintenance System

Reduced Costs.
More Efficiency.
Better predictability



Baumüller process control system



Remote maintenace

Secure remote maintenance

Baumüller supports the secure remote maintenance of machines and systems with Ubiquity



Technology Solutions

Servo pump

Baumüller's servo pump combines the advantages of hydraulic power transmission with the benefits of electric servo drive technology.

- Sheet processing machines (Punching machines,,Nibbling machines, Notching machines, Sheet shears, Sheet processing machines in general)

- Presses (Hydraulic presses, Peripheral equipment for mechanical presses, Press feeding systems, Press safety systems, Trimming presses)

- Plastics machinery (Injection molding machines, Blow molding machines)

- Cutting machine tools (Machining centers, Lathes, Honing machines, Grinding machines)

- General machine construction (Wire processing machines, Shoemaking machines, Wood processing machines


Servo press

- By relying on a controllable servo press in place of conventional pressing processes, you can benefit from increased productivity and product quality with high flexibility.

- Optimized control and precise dimensioning

- Low-maintenance, powerful direct drive technology

 3- or multi-axis-handling

- Short product cycles? Various workpieces? Save yourself long changeover times and customize your handling quickly and without programming to suit your particular requirements with our comprehensive set of visualization, control and drive technology. To realize handling units easily for loading and unloading of workpieces and finished products which are more flexible than ever.

Stacker crane 

- A small-parts warehouse needs no additional lifts


PLC Libraries

Technology (Tool, Winder, Flying Saw, Crosscut, Motion, Temp Control, Touch Probe, Servo Press)



Motion Control (Single Axis, Multi Axis)