Đại lý phân phối hãng Wekotec tại Vietnam,Đại lý Wekotec tại Vietnam


WEKOTEC Co., Ltd. is a young company established in May, 2015 by experts in the water quality monitoring technology in Korea.

Since its establishment, we have driven our full competence to develop new technology, and succeeded in development and patent registration of “Syringe Pump module”. We have launched water quality monitoring systems based on this module year by year since 2016. As WEKOTEC is recognized of products with high precision and high-end technologies in the local markets, our Water Quality Monitoring System has been installed at more than 100 water treatment plants in Korea so far.

WEKOTEC will further develop more advanced products that satisfy the requirements from the markets. We will create and lead new environment markets by actively adapting IoT technology, the core of the fourth industrial revolution.


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