Founded in 2009 and based on consolidated and remarkable experience gained since 1976 by historical italian brand Tekel Instruments, ITALSENSOR is quickly becoming one of the leading company and point of reference in the field of industrial automation and measure instruments.

Located in industrial quarter of Pinerolo (Turin), ITALSENSOR is specialized in developing and manufacturing of wide range of angular and rotary encoders, from standard to completely customized version widely applied all over the world in various fields of industry such as textile, packaging, printing & paper, woodworking, plastic, medical, energy, building, military etc.

In collaboration with Department of Robotics of the Polytechnic of Turin, Company is focused on continual improvement of its range of products offering the best solutions based on expectations of customers and ensuring outstanding reliability and long service life of products. Continuously investing in research and development ITALSENSORoffers customized solutions from initial project planning and development to the completed product for different applications as well for toughest environment conditions, such as high shock and vibration, temperature fluctuations, wet and dirty operations etc.
Well-known at the domestic market, ITALSENSOR has strong international orientation, exporting their products to more than 50 countries all over the world.

Working over minutes Company continues to strive for perfection developing superior quality products and providing customers with high level service and the most effective solutions in industrial automation.

For any information or inquiries, contact us by telephone or write an email to our service office.


The encoders developed by ITALSENSOR have been used for decades in industrial automation. ITALSENSOR enables to provide individual solutions using materials and degrees of protection suitable for use in various industries ensuring high standards of quality and reliability to the final customer with the security of a constant operation, without interruption in the production and maintenance of the quality of the products.

HIGH QUALITY & RELIABILITY– 38 years’ experience in production of encoders, all our products are entirely made in Italy according to the international standard.
EXPRESS PRODUCTION OPTION – encoders in 48 – 72 hours - decrease machine downtime and losses caused by short and long duration stoppages. Our standard terms 7-10 working days.
EQUIVALENT ENCODER – manufacturing the equivalents of our competitors, completely interchangeable.
CUSTOMIZED ENCODERS – encoders on individual requirements for various applications, as well for heavy-duty application (high shock and vibration, temperature fluctuations, wet and dirty operations etc.)

For any information or inquiries, contact us at service office.