Aichi Tokei Denki- giving the world new value with measurement technologies


Since the company’s establishment in 1898, Aichi Tokei Denki has acquired precision machining technologies through the manufacture of clocks. Based on those technologies, we are contributing to society through the provision of unique sensors, systems and services. Our fluid measuring technologies, which have gained the trust of our customers through our key business of the manufacture of water and gas meters, are at the core of these contributions. Even today, our stance of understanding the constantly changing needs of our customers and changing our own business flexibly, based on our core technologies, remains unchanged.

Application: measuring technologies support a diverse range of industries

- Measuring gas flow at the factories and buildings that use furnaces, boilers (laminating steel, gas, chemicals, food ...) to reduce the electricity cost

- Safe management in Food, Bottled Water factories (properly chemically disinfected liquid injected into water processing facilities)

- Monitoring flow and flow rate of hot, cold water, kerosene, purified water, chemicals,...

- Capable of measuring various types of fluids and gases

Products: Core technologies: Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic measurement technologies.

By using these two technologies, Aichi Tokei Denki has produced many first-in-the-world products in the flow meter industry.

Our technologies enabled to install flow meters in locations that were once believed impossible, and to measure substances that were once believed impossible to measure. We also possess advanced quality control technologies for stable product operations over a long period of time.

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