West-cs VietNam, West Control Solutions specializes in temperature control with our PID control products made by the brands CAL, Partlow PMA and West.

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1/ About West Controls Solutions

At West Controls Solutions, we focus on providing valued temperature and process control expertise, global presence and support, a wider range of products and the power to innovate.

West Control Solutions, a Fortive operating company, is home to PMA, West Instruments and CAL Controls. This elite group combined their resources and expertise under the West Control Solutions name to deliver the efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality products that today’s automation marketplace demands.

PMA specializes in digitally operated, closed loop control for industrial application. PMA utilizes advanced tuning algorithms and programmable logic to produce system solutions for complex processes.  Experts in the use of

PLCs in conjunction with distributed I/O systems and customized HMIs, PMA solutions are at the forefront of technological and engineering innovation and it is recognised as a market leader in process controls for the plastic extrusion industry.

The product portfolio features:

  • Single loop temperature controllers

Series KS40-1 , KS40-1 Burner, KS41-1 , KS42-1, KS45, KS50-1, Ks52-1, KS90-1, KS92-1, KS94

  • Multi loop Temperature and process controllers

Series KS800, KS816, KS98-1, KS Vario

  • Limit Controller

Series STB55, TB45

  • Digital Indicators

Series D280-1

  • Transmitters

Series CI45 , SG 45

West (formerly West Instruments) was established in 1946 and was one of the first controller manufacturing companies to market microprocessor based temperature controllers. It was at the forefront in the development of self-tuning algorithms.

Based in Brighton, UK, West continues its research & development and manufacturing traditions and is the worldwide centre of excellence for the development and manufacture of temperature and process controllers for the entire group.

West specializes in the following products for a range of industrial and scientific industries such as heat treatment, ovens and furnaces, plastics and extrusion, food and beverage applications:

  • Single Loop Temperature Controllers

Series 6100+ , 4100+ , 8100+

  • Limit Controllers

Series 6700+ , 4700+, 8700+

  • Valve Motor Drive (VMD) Controllers

Series 6170+, 4170+ , 8170+

  • Multi Loop Controllers

Series MLC 9000+

  • Temperature and Process Profilers

Series 6400 , 4400

  • Process Digital Indicators

Series 8080, 6010+, 8010+

CAL Controls was established in 1963 in Hertfordshire, UK.

CAL’s product development philosophy resulted in worldwide standards in technology such as the first 1/16 DIN (48x48mm) analog and digital controllers, followed by the first 1/32 DIN (24x48mm) digital controller. These innovations have firmly established CAL Controls as a leader in the Life Sciences and Laboratory market segments.

Since then the CAL product brand has joined the PMA, Partlow  and West  product brands to create West Control Solutions.

The CAL product range features single loop, multi-loop and limit controllers with Series :

CAL 3300, CAL 9300, CAL 9400, CAL 9500P, CALgrafix software

Partlow was originally established in 1920. To better service customers, the Partlow brand was split and rolled into the following unique selling groups:

Partlow Mechanical products – part of Fortive Specialty Products group based in Lancaster, SC, USA

Partlow Electronic products - together with the CAL, PMA and West product brands forms West Control Solutions.

Partlow Electronic Products specializes in a range of DIN temperature and process controllers which offer PID control. The range also includes a number of limit controllers. In additional to instruments for temperature control, Partlow provides a comprehensive selection of line chart, point chart, circular chart and paperless recorders. The recorders offer flexible charts from basic through to advanced recorders that include programming functionality for up to four loops and up to 16 profiles. The chart sizes from 10" to 12" diameter.

The product portfolio series:

  • Partlow Temperature Controllers

Series: 1160+ , 1400+, 1800+, 1161+, 1401+, 1810+

Partlow Chart Recorders

Series DataVU 5 , DataVU 7, MRC500, MRC7000, MRC8000, MRC9000

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